Sunday, November 16, 2008

and back to the Panzer IV

The rain gutters that are above the side turret hatches, as well as the grab handles the crew would use to extract themselves out the hatch, are missing from the kit. The brackets for the turret basket is also missing. All these details were added compliments of an empty beer can, some fine brass wire, and my "hold and fold" tool.

I also took the opportunity to shoot a primer coat on the model. It was really too cold to paint outside, but I managed to get a coat of Tamiya grey primer on. I'll let it dry on a few days before painting anymore.

Back at work on the Cromwell

First I shot a coat of Tamiya fine grey primer on the model. Next I mixed up some British olive green using Tamiya acrylics: 50-50 olive green (XF-58) and olive drab (XF-62), and sprayed a light cover coat on the model.

After that dried, I sprayed the lower half of the model and running gear with flat earth (XF-52) and JSDF brown (XF-72). I followed up on the upper surfaces by progressively adding more dark yellow (XF-60) to the olive green mixture (50-50 XF-58&62). I tried using the pre-shading technique by filling the center of panels with the lighter mix, and leaving the darker under coat visible along the edges.

Nest up will be a gloss coat to add the kit decals, followed by a sealer coat, then let the weathering begin.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

....and more panzer progress

I've added the schurtzen hangers, and turret armor using the kit parts. The turret schurtzen is just dry fitted to the hangers, so I can remove it for painting. There still a few small parts to add, but otherwise it's nearly complete.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Panzer progress

Here are a few more pictures of my Revell Pannzer IV Ausf. J. I've added the tracks, and they are beautifully done, just like on their Cromwell kit. I took the opportunity to do a little judicious bending to impart the track sag that is usually seen on most Panzer Iv's. I really prefer these solid link and length, then the one piece vinyl included in most Trumpeter kits, or the "DS" glueable tracks that Dragon currently uses. I've also started to add the smaller details to the kit including the turret "shurtzen" hangers, two hooks, tools. etc.