Saturday, August 26, 2006

DML M4A3 Sherman

I've been delinquent again with the blog. As usual there are other things occupying my time. Fortunately I have been able to squeeze in a little model building.

Here are a couple of pictures of my latest project, DML's M4A3 VVSS (76). It's a beautiful kit, and a pleasure to build. I’m building it as “Cool Suds”, an M4A3 operated by the 761st Tank Battalion in Europe. I'm trying to build it out of the box. However, I might add a few after market stowage items. I also corrected the VVSS units. I read on the braille scale message board about the problem, after Al Boone the resident Shermanaholic pointed out a few correctable problems with DML's new M4A1 Normandy kit. The fixed portion of the VVSS units are just a little to short, showing too much of the roller arms. I glued a piece of evergreen on, added a few bolts, and the problem was fixed.

I did add a little cast texture to the turret and transmission housing using Mr. Surfacer 1000, and I’ve hollowed out the headlights for some MV lenses. I haven’t added the photo-etch yet, but that comes in the box.