Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cromwell figures done

Well the figures are about done, and pretty much all that I need to do is give them a sealer coat, and add them to the Cromwell. Not my best, but defintely not my worst. Overall I'm very happy with the results, but feel that I need to improve my technique a bit more...which of course means I needs to build, paint and buy more! :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Just a quick update

I haven't had as much modeling time of late. My wife and I had our fifth wedding anniversary to celebrate, and autumn has arrived with lots of weekend chores. That being said, I have chosen the figures for the Cromwell, blocked in the colors and started the detail painting. There still a little bit of work to do, but AB Figures are just so easy to paint. I should have them done soon, and can finish up the Cromwell, and get to work on a little diorama base for it.

The figures are painted with Vallejo Game Color and Model Color. I painted the uniforms Game Color Bonewhite (34), followed with several thin coats of Model Color British Uniform (921/141) mixed Vallejo Glaze. The result was pretty good by itself, but I followed up with a mix of Bonewhite and British Uniform. Faces where painted with various Vallejo Game Color flesh shades (Elf Flesh, Filthy Brown, and Dwarf Flesh). Then I used a thin glaze mix of Beasty Brown (43) to provide depth and shadows. I've still got a little cleanup to do on the faces & uniforms, and I have to paint badges on the berets.