Friday, February 01, 2008

Ready for paint!

I made a few changes since the last post. I pried off the drivers hatch so I could display a driver through the hatch, and replaced the turret vision slots with ones made of .01x.02" evergreen. Next I used the hand rail provided in the kit, and used a rail from a second T-34 kit for the other side of the hull. I also used the turret rails from the second kit on the engine deck. The engine screen is from an old Eduard set that I had in the parts box (it's not glued on yet). I used Mr. Surfacer 500 stippled on with a cheep brush to try and reproduce a rough cast texture on the tank.

I also used the external fuel tanks in the kit, and replaced the rear fenders with some aluminum from a beer can.

Here's the commander figure I'm going to use with the Stug. I just chopped up the arms on a Preiser figure, and stuck some binoculars in his hand. I still need to sculpt in some putty to fill in the arms.

Did I mention how much I like Dragon's Stug.III? Here's a shot of the pe screen they include, but you'll never see.