Sunday, January 30, 2005

One more Picture and reference book

Another weekend, and not much progrees. Well that's not really true, but you can't see too much of the work I've done from the picture! But first about the book, "U.S. Tank Destroyers in Combat 1941-1945." I forgot all about the book, but fortunately discovered it while browsing through my library. The M-10 on the cover is providing inspiration for my M10. The picture is of a late M10 with the duckbilled counter-weights, but it has a Cullen hedgerow cutter, and sandbag arrangement that is interesting.

I added are the missing fire extinguisher box on the engine deck. I put two coats of cast-a-coat on the gun mantlet, transmission, and counter-weights. I also "borrowed" an idea from Steve Zaloga, and used my Dremel Mini-mite to add two holes to the end of each track end connector, and a groove in all the guide horns.

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Kiwi Jo said...

I'm not surprised you forgot about the book given the organizational state of your "library" ;) - The Missus