Tuesday, January 22, 2013

KV-1 Update

Just a quick update on the 48 scale Hobby Boss KV-1.  I've started the weathering.  Here's the KV after I've applied a green filter, faded using the blended oils (i.e. the dot method), and then a wash using AK's Dark Wash.  I'll probably give it a rust wash next, then start adding dust dirt and grime. It's still a bit to stark for my taste, but should tone down quite a bit as the weathering progresses.

One last thing that some might be interested in.  My ever growing paint selection has been driving me a bit crazy lately because I haven't had a good way to store my paints.  In particular I've had problems with the Vallejo style bottles, which tend to get knocked over easily and roll around.  Well I was in Bass Pro Shop the other day, and stumbled across the Plano 3730 Deep StowAway Utility Box, which is part of their Prolatch Stowaway line.  The boxes dimensions are 14"x 9.3" x 3.25" and it comes with adjustable dividers (they also makes 3731 which doesn't have internal dividers).  It turned out to be a perfect fit for the Vallejo and AK paint bottles, and the dividers are spaced almost perfectly to corral 6 bottles in a section.  It looks like I should be able to fit up to 96 bottles, nice and organized into one box!  It should make hunting for that particular color a lot easier, and keep AK's modulation sets together.  All in all not a bad $9 spent.


Florin David said...

Looks great so far, and you really nailed the color modulation.

Anonymous said...

could you describe the process of the filter and "dot method"? i really like the color scheme and hope to imitate it on a piece im working on