Thursday, February 07, 2013

Some Figure Reviews

This is the first of 3 reviews for Vepa Miniatures new line of modern US figures.  The figures are finely sculpted and cast in white metal, and many have separate arms with weapons.  Jordi Velilla of Vepa Miniatures e-mailed me over the Christmas holidays and kindly offered to send me some figures to review on my blog.  I had only recently heard of the company after reading some reviews of their figures on the great braille scale site On the Way.  Vepa currently produces 2 figure lines: IDF soldiers from the 1982 war in Lebanon, and modern US in Iraq 2012.  Jordi also mentioned that they have SOCOM (Marines and Special Forces in Afghanistan) and Modern Russian sets coming out soon!

Vepa sent me three sets:

  • U.S Infantry House Assault (JVP03-06)
  • U.S Infantry MG/Grenade Launcher Team (JVP03-07)
  • U.S Infantry Mortar Team (JVP03-08)

This review will cover the MG/Grenade Launcher Team (JVP03-07).  The set consists of 2 figures: gunner and assistant, a Browning M2 Heavy machine gun,  an Mk19 Grenade Launcher, a tripod, and ammo boxes for each weapon.  Both figures appear to be dressed in the current US Army BDUs, Interceptor body armor, boots and light weight helmets.  The gunner appears to have a Camelback water carrier that was typically seen in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The detail is very impressive, and cleanup looks like it will be very easy to do without ruining detail.  The only thing that has caught my eye in the set is that the M2 Browning looks a bit small to my eyeball, but I haven't had a chance to measure it yet, and if it is small I have a ton of M2's from various kits that I could use.  I'll follow up on the M2 over the weekend.

I'll try and post reviews of the other 2 sets this weekend, and use some of them in a blog build.  Missing Lynx Braille Scale Board currently has "Middle East 1914-Present" group build going on that these figures are just screaming to be a part of!  So stay tunedm and a big thank you to Jordi and Vepa Miniatures for sending me the figures to review!