Tuesday, November 02, 2004

If you don't vote, don't complain about it!

I'll admit it, I'm something of a political junky, but I can't wait for this election to be over. I'm sick and tired of hearing about it all the time. So since this is a modeling blog, all I'm going to say is that if you don't vote, don't complain about afterwards!

Now that I'm off my soapbox, a brief modeling update. I've been working on the interior of the M-10 (pictures soon to follow). I've discovered that the radio supplied with the kit is the wrong type for an M-10. I'm debating on whether to replace it or not. I've also added various bits of plastic and wire to detail it out. You really won't be able to see to much interior hull detail, but I guess I'll know that it's there. I'll probably devote more time to detailing the turret, since its open and easier to see.

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