Sunday, November 16, 2008

Back at work on the Cromwell

First I shot a coat of Tamiya fine grey primer on the model. Next I mixed up some British olive green using Tamiya acrylics: 50-50 olive green (XF-58) and olive drab (XF-62), and sprayed a light cover coat on the model.

After that dried, I sprayed the lower half of the model and running gear with flat earth (XF-52) and JSDF brown (XF-72). I followed up on the upper surfaces by progressively adding more dark yellow (XF-60) to the olive green mixture (50-50 XF-58&62). I tried using the pre-shading technique by filling the center of panels with the lighter mix, and leaving the darker under coat visible along the edges.

Nest up will be a gloss coat to add the kit decals, followed by a sealer coat, then let the weathering begin.

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