Thursday, August 18, 2005

Is any body still there?

Sorry for not posting in so long, but we went on another camping trip, and I got busy with other summer things. Consequently I haven't spent much time modeling. My trusty old Sony F707 has started to get a little flaky so I decided it was time to get a new camera. I wanted to go with a digital SLR, and I read that the Olympus E-300 Evolt had an adapter that would let you use old OM mount Zuiko lenses. Well I'm an old Olympus OM-2 user, and have a bunch of OM lenses, so I decided to go with the Evolt.

I've done a little more tweaking to the M10 diorama base, adding some boards and rubble after a suggestion from a kind soul on Missing-Lynx. The pictures were taken with the E-300. A digital SLR is much more complicated to use! The close-up of the soldier was taken with a 5+ diopter close-up lense. I've also updated my P-40 kit for my clubs build the same kit contest. So go take a look if your interested in things other than armor.