Sunday, September 14, 2008

Still building braille scale

I haven't abandoned 1/72 armor by any means, or aircraft modelling for that matter either.  I'm still buying and building a little of everything, and sadly never really finishing much of anything.  My wife and I went camping a couple of times this summer, and that's where I've done most of my 1/72 armor.  I took several kits to work on during day light hours.

First up is Dragon's Firefly Vc.  I've always loved the Firefly with it's long barrel, and I really like this kit.  I've built it almost entirely out of the box, with the exception of adding 3 Tichy Train Shops bolts to each VVSS bogie.

Next up is Dragons M4A3 105mm.  Again I'm building this out of the box, just adding bolts to the bogies.

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