Sunday, September 14, 2008

and speaking of after market items!

I've been a long time sufferer of AMS (Advanced Modelers Syndrome).  I just can't seem to build many kits out of the box, and since Hurricane is being built for AMPS competition, I've pretty much given myself [or my wallet] free reign.  I've made a few additional purchases besides the Adalbertus parts.

Aber's photoetch set for the Tamiya M4.  I'm going to try and use almost all of it.

Fighting 48th's Type 51 rubber block tracks, very nicely molded.

Hauler US tank tools.  Shave them off the kit only to glue them back on?

ArmorScale 75mm barrel

Archer stars and shipping stencils

Archer casting symbols - these are cool 1/35, 1/48/ and 1/72 symbols all on one sheet!

Is my shopping spree done? Of course not! I found a Tamiya M4A1, and went ahead and picked it up so I would have a solid drive sprocket. I'd kind of like to have some figures on the tank, I still need to either make or buy the wading trunks, and there's always more reference material!

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