Monday, September 15, 2008

Hurricane update

Here are some pictures of Hurricane's turret. I filled the pistol port on the left side, thickened the cheek armor on the right side, drilled out the periscope. and added a weld bead to the bottom of the bustle.

The weld beads Tamiya used on the M4 chassis are all wrong. So I glued down some .001x.002 Evergreen strip plastic, then softened it up with liquid cement, and then sculpted the softened plastic with a sharpened eyeglass screw driver. It's hard to make out in the pictures, but turned out pretty well. I added other weld beads using stretched sprue around the smaller castings, and added various drainage holes that were on real Shermans.

I've also worked on the bogies a little. I carved out the the top roller, replaced the skid with the one in the Aber set, and added various holes, nuts and bolts where appropriate.

Lastly there is the lower chassis. I ended up sticking with the Tamiya part, the the Adalbertus one piece housing. I also used my Waldron punch and die set to punch various sized plastic disks to use for panels and bolts.

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Anonymous said...

hi there. i love your blog. do you only build 1/72 scale? do you know of any other bloggers documenting the building process? i just started my own blog called 'the plastic tank' at it is in the very early stages but i am excited to share my experiences with others. keep up the good work.