Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hurricane's transmission cover

I really liked Iron Divisions Sherman lower hull, it has a lot of detail that the Tamiya die cast part lacks.  However, I just couldn't get the Iron Division lower hull to mate with the Tamiya upper hull without some minor/major surgery.  So then my question was how to model the one piece transmission cover?  Tamiya includes one in their M4A1, the only trouble was I couldn't find one anywhere.  Perth Modeler has a good number of reviews of 48 scale armor and accessories, and I found a company called Adalbertus in Poland that makes a one piece cover for the Tamiya kit.  So I ordered the part, along with a Sherman stowage set they also make.

The Adalbertus transmission is meant to be a drop in replacement for the Tamiya Sherman.  It's cleanly  molded in grey resin, and includes a nice cast texture, factory casting marks, tow pintles, and the top bolt flange that wasn't on the Iron Division part.  Mine was a very nice casting, except right at the pour block, were the molding was less distinct.  However, I cut the part off with a razor saw, and after a little time with a sanding stick, the cover fit like it came with the kit.

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