Sunday, August 09, 2009

Cromwell progress

Well the old Cromwell is about ready for the paint booth again....seems like I just painted it a short while ago...oh yea I did.

Here's a list of the modifications I did, king of fun to try and do once you've assembled the kit!
  • Opened up the gunners/loaders turret hatch, and replaced with Evergreen sheet stock
  • Added bolt detail to commander's hatch
  • added searchlight wiring and handholds
  • added perscope visors
  • opened the driver's hatch and replaced with Evergreen stock
  • opened drivers visor and replaced with part cast off another kit
  • opened auxillary gunners hatch
  • replaced grab handles with brass wire
  • added fender headlights and wiring
  • sawed off left front fender
  • added drivers corner aid
I've still got to scrounge up some helmets to put on the lift rings, a bren gun to set on the roof, and a box or two to put on the back fender, then it will be ready to paint.

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