Saturday, May 17, 2008

As luck would have it.....

I was searching the web for images of M4's, and I found my way to Toadman's Tank Pictures when I came across a review of Iron Division's Resin replacement hull (48006/48007) for the Tamiya 1/48 scale M4/M4A1. While I was going to use the Tamiya hull, the replacement hull also was sold with solid or three piece transmission cover. Toadman, aka Chris Hughes, gave the parts a thumbs up. He also had a review of Iron Division's low bustle late turret. However, it was solid cast, and the gun cover was wrong for Hurricane.

I was aware of Iron Division, as they produce so 1/72 scale Sherman conversions I've been meaning to buy, but haven't gotten around to it yet. So I went on over to
Top Gun Military and while looking around noticed a new lower hull, 48017-Resin Lower Hull with Sharp Nosed Final Drive. What caught my eye was this version of the cover included cast stamps/serial numbers. The price was reasonable so I added it to my order. While I was there I did a little more shopping, and found a new product line, Xtra Detail Series. The series currently consists of four low bustle 75mm, in various configurations, an early/mid high bustle, and a 105mm mid production. The turrets are hollow cast with separate parts for copulas, hatches, periscopes, etc. Again the price was fairly reasonable so I added it to my order.

The hull parts have pretty good detail, much more detail than the Tamiya die cast part. The is a bit of casting flash and some minor bubbles, typical of resin cast parts, but nothing major.

The one piece transmission cover has a nice subtle cast texture, and you can see the casting symbol and serial number of the manufacturer.

The turret has lots of parts many optional depending on the version your doing. Over all it's a very nice part, but I'll have to do a little work with the cheek armor, as the undercut is a little indistinct, and it doesn't blend well enough into the turret at the rear, nothing major.

The turret also has a subtle texture. The casting numbers on the turret roof look pretty good, as does the weld bead around the ventilator. I'm not sure if the number are corret for the turret nuber though.

Overall, I'm fairly impressed with Iron divisions parts, and think I'll be getting a few of their 1/72 conversions.

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