Sunday, October 24, 2004

A look into the future

It's been a busy Sunday! I have the other five VVS units assembled, and just need to add the bolts, and strip detail to finish them off. Saturday we had a big party, celebrating our 1 month and 8 day anniversary. My brother and his wife hosted, and Jo go to meet many of my relis and friends. It was a mad house, and somehow Jo survived without asking for a divorce.;-)
And now back to modeling......
Here are two different sets of US Tankers, and a set of US Soldiers on Patrol, by AB Figures. I plan on using at least some of them on the diorama I'm planning for the M-10.

Here the resin base I plan to use. I picked it up at the IPMS Region 2 show. It's made by Jose Rodriguez, of Tiger Productions. It's not currently shown on his website, but he had several different bases and buildings for sale at the show. He had plans to release several new accessories in the future, including a bridge, and Russian factory.

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