Sunday, February 08, 2009

Back To Hurricane

It's been too long since I posted anything, but the usual Holiday, family, and work excuses are the reason. I haven't been able to to do as much modelling as I would like, and continue to expand the stash wel beyond my life expectancy, especially at my current build rate! That being said, I have managed to putter around on Hurricane a little.

First up is a picture of Hurricane with the modified Calibre 48 wadding stacks.

Since the resin parts were solid cast, I scratch built the upper portion of the stacks using the Calibre 48 part as a pattern with some Evergreen sheet styrene.

Next up is the Commander figure. The kit doesn't come with any figures, but Tamiya offers a coupe of US Army figure sets. This figure is a Tank Commander from the "WWII US Army Infantry GI Set." The sculpting was pretty poor, so I carved it all off, and plan to sculpt a tanker coveralls suit. The helmit is a part I made using the driver figure in the set as a master.

The last three pictures are of the modified driver figure. Again this figure was poorly sculpted, with sof detail. I scribed and carved the figure to enhance the detail, paying particular attention to the Rawlings Tanker Helmet. I like the way it turned out so much I made an RTV casting, which is how I got the helmet for the commander. I have yet to get a buble free copy of the figure that I'm happy with, but atleast I got a good helmet for the commander!

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