Friday, May 16, 2008

Back after another break

The wife and I went to New Zealand for three weeks in March to vist family, and I just haven't had much time or inclination to model or blog. We had a blast while we were there, and I got to play photographer. Among the thousand of pictures taken were at the Warbirds Over Wanaka airshow, so check back soon if you're into vintage aircraft, armor, etc., and I'll post a few pictures, and a link to my smugmug album.

Now on to the model blogging! First up are a few pictures of the T34/76 model 1942, alittle further along. I still have to do the weathering, add the figures and other details.

Next up are a few pictures of the Stug III, painted and decaled. Again it's wating on weathering, figures and decals.

Finally, there is Dragons M4A1 76mm. I've detailed the turret similar to the way I did with the M4A3, and tried to make the detail around the pistol port look better.

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