Saturday, January 21, 2006

I told you I've been busy buying.

Dragon has been pretty prolific, pumping out one kit after another. So next up is another Dragon kit; this time the Jagdpanzer IV L/70. It's one of many kits based on the Panzer IV chassis. Hasegawa released several Jagdpanzer IV's the last few years. Dragon's are far more complex.

The lower hull is nicely molded, with the exception of some annoying holes that will need to be filled.

Tools that aren't molded to the fenders! Now that's something I like to see.

The running gear is highly detailed, with lots of parts.

Dragon includes spoked and solid road wheels, just like on the reel tank. The road wheels are molded using Dragon's slide mold technology, saving the builder from having to glue the road wheels together. The faces of the spoked wheels are separate pieces, which makes painting the rubber rims much easier.

The tracks are Dragon's DS styrere, which are glueable and paintable. Detail is pretty good, but I might replace them with some link and length tracks from Revell's Panzer IV.

A nice surprise is the turned metal barrel. I hope Dragon has these in more kits.

Decals are by Cartograph. There are markings for 5 Jagdpanzer IV's

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