Friday, April 22, 2005


No M10 update today, just an AMPS rap-up. I attended Steve Zaloga's talk, Saturday morning. He focused mainly on painting, and weathering, and overall presentation. He had lots of great tips, many have been published in his Osprey books, and Military Modeler articles. After listening to his talk, I think I will change the diorama base. I heavily weathered the M10 with mud and dirt. It will look better on a dirt road than a cobble stone road (it will look more like the picture I based it on anyway). I'll use the old base for another model, which is more lightly weathered.

We had a Braille Scale Meeting after Steve's talk. Meeting the guys from the Missing Lynx Braille Scale forum was great. The guys brought a bunch of kits and accessories to look over. I'll have to get my hands on some of those Astra Models diorama bases. I picked up a few Tiger Productions buildings, Prieser figures, and some other accessories. The braille scale selection from the venders was thin as usual, but better than previous years. I took lots of pictures of models on the contest tables. They should show up on On the Way soon.

Finally I've added a link to Jason Geelong's on-line Panther Build, in Braille Scale of course! He's really tripped out the Revell Panther Ausf D/A, check it out.

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