Sunday, January 23, 2005

D@1#mn headlights

I spent most of my weekend working on the headlights and siren that are glued to the front glacis. I started with the kit parts, and hollowed the lens out of the headlights, using a burr in my Dremel Minimite, while the parts were still on the sprue. I clipped the first light off, and lost the tiny part when it popped out of the tweezers I was using to hold it with. This happens to me far too often, and after several fruitless minutes crawling on the floor with a flashlight, I decided it was time to scratch build the headlight. Well I had to do both so they would match, and naturally lost several of the scratch built headlights, progressively improving the part. I think I ended up loosing three headlights. Not to be out done, I also scratch built the siren. Technically I built four of them, I lost three.

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