Thursday, October 21, 2004

Lets Get Started

Mr. Surfacer was used to even out the lower hull side and the seams where the transmission housing and hull meet. Each VVS unit is made up of 8 parts, that's pretty crazy for a 1/72 scale kit! The track support arms are molded solid in the kit, so I drilled and filed out the area between the support arms and the springs. It probably would have been easier to cut them off and replace them with brass.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Pete, Doug Chaltry here.

Got several things to say, so this may be a bit long.

1) Got your message offering help on the site. I'll get back to you in private to talk about it. But this weekend I'll be at a model show in Tampa, so it might be a few days yet.

2) I love your idea of this blog (although I personally hate the term "blog"). This is a really neat and creative way to combine modeling and the internet. It's a pleasent change from endless review sites and discussion boards. It's also a great motivator to get people to build along with you. I've got this very kit underway myself, but it got stalled due to other projects and real life. Maybe watching your progress will kick-start me to finish my own.

3) References: you've listed some good ones. I have two others that you don't list: the Hunnicutt book on the Sherman (which includes the M10) and the Wydnawnictwo Militaria volume on M10 and Achilles. If I recall correctly, the one thing that your references lack are decent scale plans, which my Polish book has in abundance. If you need anything from my books, just let me know.

4) And now on to the topic at hand, the suspension. I like how you hollowed out the track skids on the tops of the suspension units. Although they will only be partially visible on the completely model, it's this attention to detail that will win trophies!

Are you going to take the opportunity to pose the wheels as going over uneven ground? This would require a small diorama base, otherwise it would look pretty silly sitting on the bare table with wheels going every which way, but it's so rare that we get a kit that allows us to easily do this, that I think we should take advantage of it.

Looking forward to your future updates.