Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I'm married!

Ok, so I didn't post this on our wedding day, and I'm posting one month and 5 days into marriage bliss. It's really October 20, but I've been sadly lax in my blogging. Jo and I are both pretty exhausted with one event after another and lots of visitors since we got hitched. This weekend it's my brother his wife and two boys. They’re coming down for the 1 month anniversary party my family is throwing for Jo and I. Lots of relis and coworkers are invited, and neither Jo and I are looking forward to be the center of attention!

Jo’s been teasing me about my blog or lack there of, and about never finishing a model in the hole time I’ve known her. I figured what better way to show her up then to combine the two. Now she claims I’m copying her x-stitch blog! ;-)

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